eBay Motors Group: More for less
Consumer Insights Panel: Insights into Ev's & Sustainability

While government legislation and environmental concerns continue to create an impetus around going green in the automotive market, what do today’s car buyers really think? 

Here's a glimpse

  • One in five in market buyers now expect their next purchase to be a fully electric car
  • Who's losing out? 14% fall in buyers saying they would choose a petrol vehicle for their next car
  • Be in the know: A fifth of buyers want dealers to be able to tell them about new models

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Sources: eBay Motors Group Insight Panel, March 2020 and November 2021. Online views of 2,000 in-market car buyers (soul or joint decision makers when buying a car), nationwide representation aged from 18 to over 65, 55% male and 45% female, 25% new car buyers and 75% used car buyers. Conducted by Insight Advantage, an independent research company.


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